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Yes, the song “I am your border” is meant as a moral support for the people in Ukraine and from Ukraine. But you can support them, too. Actually, you probably already did in a way that is possible for you. Thank you so much for this. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’› But: Let’s do it, baby, one more time. Simply click on one of the trusted institutions below which you would like to support. You will be led directly to the donation site. Again: thanks so much โ€“ let us be a border to protect democracy and humanity. 

A song for the people of Ukraine

This song is to give strength to the people in and from Ukraine. “I am your border” is their song. A musical dose of stamina and confidence whenever they need it. A sign that they are not alone and are backed by the people of the free world. And a confirmation of their attitude that you can destroy and conquer cities and streets – but never the soul and the attitude of the people.

A song for everyone

Freedom of speech, tolerance towards minorities, free elections…. All these values and so many more have been worked hard for in democratic countries. They are values of humanity and respect for each other. And values that must be defended. We don’t choose weapons for this, we choose music. Everyone can be a moral boundary that protects these values and shows: This far โ€“ and no further. Because perhaps civil society is stronger than any army.ย 

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