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We are not alone. And all we need in our life was created way before we were born. It is given to us as a gift, a treasure, a grant, which we should not use carelessly, abuse or even destroy. Because we owe it to everything and everyone that came before us – and to the generations who will follow. We owe all, everyone of us. You. And me. I owe all.

Behind the music

IO:A Documentary

From time to time we capture some phases of IO:A in short, super glossy and sit-on-your-couch-and-eat-chips-like documentary scenes. Yes, they are in german. But switch on the subtitle option, and you’ll get everything we’re talking about. Enjoy!

Rehearsal Room

Get really close to our work by visiting us in our rehearsal room – at least virtually. Videowise. You know. Working on details, discussing sounds and structure of songs, talking rubbish and gossip – typical rehearsal room stuff.

Song Snippets

Full Songs

IO:A on Socials

As IO:A we invest love, talent, passion, skills, money and loads of time into every piece of music we publish. Strange thing: We can’t make a living with it. But we should. Ask our wives 🙂
This is a consequence of digitalisation. No need to complain about it. Because it offers you new ways of valuing our music. PATREON is one great opportunity. You can easily donate for example 2€ per month. Sounds fair? It is!

IO:A News

Donate to the Kyiv musicians

The Kyiv musicians need your help “I am your border” is released. Support the Kyiv musicians via We are happy that “I am your

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The Band

Music is for ideas. For concepts. For the lost. For lovers. For those in doubt. For knowing and asking. For sorting things out. For dreams. And purpose. For being touched. And even overwhelmed. For finding bonds instead of borders. For getting strength. For moving horizons. For understanding oneself. And maybe others. For those who live and those who passed away. For knowing that we are one.

Georg Spieß

Georg Spieß

git, backvox

Dominique "Gaga" Ehlert

Dominique "Gaga" Ehlert

drums, backvox

Stefan Locher

Stefan Locher

bass, backvox

Lutz Leukhardt

Lutz Leukhardt


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